Monday, December 21, 2009

Books Beyond Borders 12/16/2009

So, I volunteer at a place called Books Beyond Borders. These are things that I found in the books I was scanning on Wednesday, December 16, 2009.

Letter from above.


You have always been good to me and I wanted to say thank you.

Lyndon is safe now at his grandparents (sic). He's having to miss a week of school, which doesn't bother him, since Lonnie refused to let him have the rest of his things. My mom will pay the school in Grand Prairie for his school books left in his room so he can be disenrolled to get enrolled in Midlothian. My parents didn't like his cloths (sic) anyway so he'll get new ones to replace the ones he can't have. Lyndon would rather Lonnie keep his things so I can get to school and finish what I started. How unselfish is that? I've raised a wonderful son despite my bad decisions.

I have my school books and my Bible which is all I need right now. God is carrying me right now. He's kept me calm, concentrated on my studies and without agner. I've never read the book of PSALMS. I find comfort in the worlds. God will deal with those who have hurt me and protect me from those who come against me. It's not for me to have to deal with them."


"I may only have the shoes on my feet, two pair of jeans, four shirts and a change of underclothes, but I am at peace in my heart.

God knows the truth and that's all that matters.

I don't want to destroy your property to get any of our things buy (sic) breaking in. Nor do I ever want to be around someone i'm (sic) afraid of. I'm leaving it in God's hands to provide and replace those things we'll need to get where he wants us to be.

God's given me a place to stay for the past three days and the three also. He's amazing. I wished I had found him long ago so that my children wouldn't have to be apart fro mtheir mother and suffer from my mistakes and misguided trust in others. I do konw he has a plan for me whcih includes teenagers. They flock to me and love me as I love them in return. This will be my gift back to the community some day. For now I'm content with helping at a Christian youth center."



You'll always have a special place in my heart. Lyndon will always never forget you, he enjoyed your conversations.

It hurt knowing George was upset with me and thinks I was abusive to Michael. God konw the truth an dI realize I can't control what other people think, say or do. Whatever there (sic) motives may be.

I learned a lot in the hospital and I'm using these tools to get me through this. Depression will never step foot on my door step again unless something happens to my children.

Your (sic) wonderful people who deserve peace and happiness. I'm sorry for any pain we've caused you and I hope you can forgive us.

Take care, we'll see you in Heaven.

Happy Birthday in advance.

With Love,

The Italians by Luigi Barzini

The House That Crack Built by Clark Taylor

Forked Tongue: The Politics of Bilingual Education by Rosalie Pedalino Porter

Farewell to Arms by Ernest Hemingway